Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Macarons for Mother's Day

May 13th was Mother's Day this year (well, for Australia that is). I made my mum something in the kitchen this time too - not hippo cookies again ~ she asked me this year to "Please refrain from getting me more hippos; I'm starting to feel like the Crazy Hippo Lady". So, not to worry Mum... I won't give you anything to do with hippos. I did, however, make her some strawberry macarons with pomegranate chocolate filling

They are quite delicious!
 Anyway, my housemate, Kass, was asked by her folks if she would mind the two cats for them while they moved house and found another place etc. She asked permission from myself and Ben if we'd be comfortable with the living situation - not a problem, we rather like them and had "cat-sat" the youngest for 6-8weeks last year. They arrived VERY SHORTLY (all were given barely 24hrs notice) on Saturday afternoon from QLD. 

In the meantime, I've made at least 4 batches of macarons; displeased with all of them. Ben needed me to help him pick out a gift for his mum, and then grab some lunch. I came back, prepared the 5th batch - hoping against all odds that I get this to my standard! Piped the mixture onto baking paper in 2 trays and set them aside on the kitchen counted to rest for 30mins (macaron thing). Decided to relax before getting ready for Ben's mum's dinner that night, so I stepped out of the kitchen and plonked myself on the couch.

Sadly, the three of us were too complacent about the behaviour of the cats. Scamp, the older, chunky grey-and-white feline behemoth, had jumped on the kitchen counter to sniff the window - which had been left a crack open to air-our the kitchen. We just heard the bell... turned towards the kitchen and I saw ~with horror~ Scamp straddling the tray; not quite touching the macaron shells, completely oblivious to his own predicament. I called for Ben to hurry up and quickly grab him. Bad move. The sudden movements freaked the cat out and he panicked and promptly squelched a big cat paw right in the middle of what was once a perfectly rounded macaron shell.

Thanks for the help, Scamp. Much appreciated.

I baked them anyway. He had only ruined one. It didn't matter. Besides, it was extremely hilarious seeing a large cat try a short burst of speed with a bright pink, strawberry scented right paw.

Scamp with his macaron

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