Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's in the brew

Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cozy, doesn't try it on ~ Billy Connolly.

I've found a brief interest in teapots after an even briefer venture around T2: tea shop (and by brief I mean around an hour or so). Searching for a cast iron teapot, because I'm a klutz and porcelain, glass or bone china would not last a week with me. I've ended up with a range of visually appealing and disturbing teapots to share:


Tea stays warm-er with its own little scarf [so cute, but the spout(s) are in a bad place]

There's heaps of animal teapots around, this white elephant is one of the simplest.
Because of the Chinese origins of tea, there are LOADS of dragon teapots around

What I have found with most teapots is that Nature plays a greater role in the creative designs of a pot, I was particularly intrigued with this one.

Confuse your friends, family and neighbours with this spout-handle combination
Or boggle minds with the bagel/doughnut ring teapots

For the completely insane, alien fanatic in your family - watch them freak out while you pour them tea out of your "very normal" teapot. Your conversation should take on the form of the following: "I don't know what you're talking about, this is just a normal white teapot. There's no alien and I don't know why you're carrying on about a spacecraft. Have some tea - no, this is chamomile tea, not alien goop or whatever-you-call-it... Have you been smoking something?"

This one is called "Lightening teapot" - I personally can see the likeness of a cat's faceless head

For the lazy! Double spouted teapot with matching teacups!
Lotus bulb and leaves - very very cool

Twisted bamboo teapot! I would have walked past it or thrown it in the fire before realising it was a teapot.
This is another bamboo teapot that just appealed to me more than the standard round, white porcelain teapot.

Disturbing dog penis tea anyone??

A swan... if it were a white swan you couldn't get much more British high-tea than that.

Funny, violent and unique - Ned Kelly would be proud!
Genuine silver and gold teapot with diamonds - if you want to drip style, of course.

CRACKED TEAPOT! Oh wait, it's meant to look like that.

I found these to be off-putting, I don't particularly want tea from the feet of rotund women. There is another pudgy lady dressed as a belly-dancing wonder, but she was wearing less and it was more disturbing to the eyes.

There is a series of furniture-based teapots... the bathroom set made me laugh the most.

Knowing that there's a urinal with Hitler's face painted on it, there has to be a teapot! Surely!?! And you'd be right... there is a Hitler teapot!

I LOVE this one in particular! It's a jewel beetle teapot - tea for 1 only.

One of the coolest ocean-themed teapots ever! The difficulty is not simply figuring out which tentacle is the spout, it's also keeping the famished octopus away from your salt and pepper shaker crabs!

I'm unsure how practical this teapot is... but I know I would not be making tea in the dark.
This is a pig's skull... with boar hair tea cozy - designed by Wieki Somers.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter, its for raptors too

An early message for Easter, that is to say... Raptor Easter!
In the name and glory of Raptor Jesus, I hope you enjoy your long weekend - And Anzac Day to fellow Aussies.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Chicken" nuggets would have been bigger. . .

What saved the Dinosaurs?

Well... if you put some thought into it... one could argue that the need for a tangible, genuine monster/behemoth from Biblical literature for those who need proof, the determined progress of palaeontologists, the excitement in the enormity of something so unbelievably awesome and the adulation of children from all walks of life... oh yes, and the support of film makers (thank you Spielberg - no, seriously... thank you).

But evidently, they didn't survive in the living diversity as they once did before obliteration - just smaller, more advanced variations... and invariably more delicious (having only present-day poultry to go by this could only be speculation... for now).

Monday, April 18, 2011

Clever Girl just wants to have fun

As a member of the IRDA, I'd like to bring your attention to Raptor Awareness Day (that's today). To aid in your survival - I have found the following list:

Read. Share. Survive.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Zebra 'X'ing - a life lesson

Lesson One
Yet, despite this pasty equine's sullen appearance, the chic thoroughbred of a zebra finds her compelling and produces this: A Zorse... (or with a donkey - a Zonkey)

Even the not-so-saintly Giraffe tries to muscle in on some Ass!

... which, if you really think about it... this baffling attraction to the extreme opposite of what would be considered a normal attraction range is how some people are able to breed (like the crafty and sexually charged zebra):

well... that and alcohol... lots and lots of alcohol!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

She has better uses

An odd topic, but after reading this rather... random and, well a tad bit creepy???, article: Move over, Barbie! Kate Middleton gets her own doll, I felt a little sympathetic to poor old Barbie... so I thought I'd make a little list of better uses for her... you know, now that she's been dropped as the poster-child of ideal feminine strength and beauty.

Little girls idolise her... as do little boys for reasons not entirely realised.


Barbie can, in fact, be made useful. I mean, a Foosball table is nothing without a plastic fashionsta bitching about her broken manicure as the ball slowly rolls past her genuine horse-hair high-heel boots.

Of course, Barbie is a fashion icon. Even more so when she's "dead". . . and quartered and mounted into little pieces of jewelry.

She's pet-friendly - if you remove all items of chokable clothing and accessories. On the other hand, you might want to keep your pet on a more natural diet.

Or just re-dress Barbie into one of her myriad of garments, something more "appealing" (for your pet, of course) to aid in digestion... serving suggestion??

Sunday, April 10, 2011

And now for something a little disturbing

There are so many things that just plain disturb and mentally scar you. I've found a few just using Google and looking for sewing and craft patterns. It's the items you least expect to see/find/consider they could even exist that are the ones which creep you out the most! I've compiled a short list of items ranging from accessories for women to toys for children.


You know those spare teeth you've got lying around?? Well, there's now a use for them; EARRINGS!!

This was... well different - I also found crochet foetus and placenta patterns.

If you feel that your daughter's ambition is to become a dancer, why don't you help her out and ensure she lands a better paying job than Britney Spear's backing dancers - be the better parent, buy the Pole. Next step is the cage.

Toys for children are becoming cheaper in my opinion... I didn't realise I could take a scenic drive to Toodyay and pick up several Roadkill plushies?!

Kiss & Bajs (aka: Pee and Poo)
A crochet pattern I found on Etsy... I'd be disturbed just making it.
These are pasties... adhesives to cover nipples... but these are just plain WTF!!

Creepy boob clogs... the perfect gift for any man.

Nothing says "I love you" more than a warm organ pillow. It lights up too.

Doggy bag!