Monday, August 22, 2011

If I ever

... had a bed like this:

I'd be scarred for life, too scared to sleep.
Not the world's most awesome bed.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Whale: The large and plushie

Mocha Dick by Tristin Lowe.

I want one... but I want a shark or Liopleurodon instead. That would be so awesome, curled around my bed or even used as a bed. Very cool. But I want this for another reason... any of these felty predators can easily protect me from the dreaded
Architeuthis plushieii.

Architeuthis plushieii
(as named by myself: not official name)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nonsensical pseudo-science

The Creation Museum... where dinosaurs
become "Missionary Lizard(s)"

Enough said...

Monday, August 8, 2011


If you're like me and love animals, would like to decorate your room or house with animal things like mounted trophies BUT hate the notion that an animal has to die for you to have it featured in your home... then try Faux animal trophies! There are sooo many in various designs and mediums.

I'd recommend purchasing snare wire animals from Iganyana Arts: the wire is from poachers' snares which have been dismantled and collected then turned into beautiful wire animal sculptures by locals and sold to tourists with the money supporting the community (therefore reducing the need to poach in the reserves for black market money or food). Ultimately, this aids in protecting the wildlife.

This is a clever and beautiful way to display animal art with soft lighting - a faux trophy light-fitting designed by Christophe Hascoet, Annabel Karim Kassar, Isabelle Rolland (you better have >$7.5K for one).
Recycled cardboard! You can purchase a moose, deer, elephant or rhino from Cardboard Safari

This gorgeous cow is made from paper. Just paper. Created by a wonderful artist, Anna Wili Highfield

DEAD plush animals aren't scary at all when sewn, stuffed and mounted by aicreatures on Etsy

Convert and old sweater into an animal trophy bust, or you could have a look and maybe take a liking to one of Rachel Denny's knitted deer busts.

Woven basket style animal trophies - very cool when paired with a wicker dinning or lounge set. These can be found at Ballard Designs.

There are the masses of Papier-mâché, porcelain, wood and plastic/resin casts and crafted animal trophies too. Too many to list.

The functional hanging trophy ~ can be used as a hat or key rack. These are simply cute and the style is humorous. Designed by New Zealander, Phil Cuttance.

And a few ... hehehe ... silly ones I stumbled upon :P

Monday, August 1, 2011

24 Things

Yay! I've been treated to a dinosaur cake, dinosaur balloons, serviettes and tablecloth! My weekend has been great!!! For those who are a tad unsure, it's my birthday today!! Now for something a little ... "listy".

24 Things I've learnt: (one for every year I've been allowed to live - in random order)

1. Ferrets are the cutest cylindrical animal legally allowed to be a household pet in Australia (except QLD, NT and ACT);
2. Dinosaurs ARE warm-blooded and had an average temperature of 37°C;
3. The internet is a scary place, but enticing like cake is to a fat kid;
4. Ben has a creepy ability to predict the secret ingredient in Iron Chef (last one was rabbit);
Anything can be made into a sorbet (ref: Iron Chef);
6. Chocolate tastes better with a side of peanut butter;
7. Mice will eat plain flour, plastic bags and rock solid, dried apricot pieces before touching anything in mouse trap, UNLESS it's Nutella;
8. An average coffee can last me nearly 24 hours and can be reheated close to 11 times before finished (and those are my bad days);
9. Not to laugh at everything dad says... no matter how funny it is... mum always finds out and you WILL miss out on dinner;
10. Religion will always be feared... just probably not in the God-fearing way;
11. A dentist from the 1800's invented the electric chair (having worked with dentists for over 5 years, I can see where their malicious nature originated);
12. Things were easier when I was 10 - math and spelling homework would be a refreshing change of pace from essay writing about statistics and environmental policy;

13. There are some people who expect a lot more from you than is possible of you;
14. I can not settle on a single hobby - I must try them all;
15. The older you get, the more appealing country music sounds;
16. Horseshoe crabs are sizable crustacean angels to the human race;
17. Having written a bucket list does not mean it is finished nor will each point of the list be completed in under a year - as much as this frustrates me, it's true;
Things I want are too pricey or too extravagant, the only way I'll have them is in my dreams (i.e. my own zoo, living dinosaurs that aren't birds, a museum...);
19. You're never too old to watch cartoons;
20. David Attenborough has made all other wildlife documentary narrators/presenters inferior;
21. Information I am required to retain for the future or exams is easily forgotten, yet I am able to recite line for line the entire movie of The Lion King, Jurassic Park and The Lost World;
22. There's always going to be one person who just doesn't like you - hang around them and make the most of their misery;
23. Keep Alex away from fire or anything flammable;
24. You can't fake an illness to get out of school for a day when your mother is a nurse.